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Thomas J. Fox

Thomas J. Fox

Managing Director, WaterStreet Research Partners Chief Investment Strategist & Portfolio Consultant/Strategist

WaterStreet Research Partners: A Global Leader in Applying Quantitative Investment Research to Academic Discoveries

  • Over 30 years in the investment business 
  • Over 26 years as Chief Investment Officer 
  • Expert in building quantitative investment approaches 
  • Architect and creator of numerous successful academically based investment strategies with $1.5 Billion asset management firm 
  • Experienced in managing large institutional funds - including 2 mutual funds 
  • Pioneer in the development of tactical investment strategies 
  • Presented proprietary research to the Federal Reserve Board’s investment committee 
  • Speaker and presenter at numerous advisor and institutional investment conferences 
  • Bachelor of Science—Business Administration 
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business Continuing Executive Education —Advanced Asset Allocation