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Home Improvements: Are You Properly Insured?

June 03, 2020

With warmer temperatures, longer days, and spending more time at home, summer may be the prime time for home renovations. Whether it’s repainting your home, building a backyard deck, or remodeling the kitchen, modifications can not only enhance your home, but also boost its overall worth. However, because your home is a significant financial investment, you may want to ensure your home is adequately insured before kickstarting any projects.

  • Do you have enough coverage? Your homeowners insurance premium is determined by many factors, including what it’d cost to rebuild your home. With upgrades to your home and an increased value, your premium will likely go up. Take a look at your current policy to decide if you need to increase your coverage. You’ll want to make certain that it’ll cover any potential damages or losses during any improvement projects.
  • Do you have sufficient liability coverage? Whether it’s a DIY or you’ll be hiring a contractor, it’s important that you carry adequate liability coverage to protect yourself against bodily injury and property damage. If hiring a contractor, it’s critical that you check to make sure that they, too, have their own policies and sufficient coverage.

So before you start selecting flooring or fixtures for your next renovation, carve some time out to reevaluate your homeowners insurance policy to prevent any financial setbacks. Call us and we’ll guide you through the process. Our dedication lies in creating a successful blueprint that’ll help you reach your goals–no matter what life improvements you seek.


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